Do you have debt? Are you feeling stressed about it? You are not alone. In Canada, household debt is about $2.2 trillion. If you worry it’s impossible to get out of debt, help is here. Stanley Ngwa has successfully applied this 10-stage program and eliminated $90,000 of non-mortgage debt in just six years. Key to his approach is the recognition of the role behaviour plays in making decisions that incur debt. Understanding what drives us to take on debt is the cornerstone of this freedom from debt program.

Freedom From Household Debt provides an easily understood education on debt— what it is, what drives it, and strategies for managing it. Step by step, the book takes you through identifying your debt and formulating and implementing a plan for eliminating it. And the management of personal finances doesn’t end there. The author’s approach covers future needs with steps for formulating and implementing a plan for emergency situations, education costs, and retirement. Following these ten steps will get you to financial freedom, as the author’s experience proves. You can’t argue with success!